Jeremy Davis

Senior Meteorologist
Weather Routing Inc

Jeremy Davis is a 2000 graduate from Lyndon State College, Vermont with a B.S. in Meteorology. He has been employed at Weather Routing Inc (WRI Ltd.) in Glens Falls, New York since June of 2000, and has been a Senior Meteorologist since 2004. Prior to his employment at WRI, Mr. Davis was trained at the Blue Hill Observatory in Massachusetts and the Mt. Washington Observatory in New Hampshire where he became well experienced in weather observations. He is also ten year veteran as an on-air Meteorologist for WNCE TV8 / Look TV in Glens Falls, NY. Mr. Davis has produced over 20,000 customized forecasts for marine and land clients worldwide during his tenure at WRI.

Roz Savage

Ocean Rower
Only woman to solo row the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans

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Danae Ringelmann

Founder and COO